What is CyberFETCH?
CyberFETCH is the Cyber Forensics Electronic Technology Clearinghouse, an all-inone
web-based repository for digital forensic tools, technology, and information.
CyberFETCH serves as a 24/7/365, no cost, collaborative platform available to forensic
practitioners from the public sector, private industry, and academia. Subject matter
experts have the ability to post and retrieve content, categorize the material they
contribute, and network with their peers. The CyberFETCH architecture was inspired by
today’s most innovative social networking environments, providing users with a Web
2.0 look and feel, including wikis, chat, document sharing, and other features.

How can I register?
Cyber forensic practitioners who wish to join CyberFETCH may do so by visiting
www.cyberfetch.org, clicking ‘Register’ and filling out a brief registration form.

Who is eligible to become a user of CyberFETCH?
Registrants must be citizens of the United States of America, provide a valid email
address associated with a US-based government, industry, or academic institution,
and pass a denied parties inquiry. Registrants must also read and acknowledge the
CyberFETCH Rules of Behavior (RoB) prior to being granted a user account.

Who sponsors the CyberFETCH program?
CyberFETCH is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security Science &
Technology Directorate – Cyber Security Division.

Does CyberFETCH contain sensitive data?
No. CyberFETCH is an unclassified program and users are forbidden from posting
classified or other types of sensitive or regulated data including law enforcement
sensitive, sensitive but unclassified, for official use only, or export controlled data.

Does CyberFETCH have a ‘public’ site or other community-specific portals?
Not at this time. All of the information contained within the CyberFETCH environment
is private, and can only be accessed by users who have authenticated themselves. In
the future, there are plans to build a public-facing site to meet the needs of agencies or